A state close to death than it is to life

Noor For Sugino Mana
Dried fish
, 2012Sogo and Noor takes the writing of Franz Fanon as a starting point for this work; Fanon discusses the relationship between the colonizer and the colonized and how each imagines the other. It is part of a longer project that is related to Fanon‟s Wretched of the Earth where in the chapter of violence he describes the colonized fighter as living and dead simultaneously, as the moment of their death is contingent on luck and time. The „living dead‟ is also a Lacanian terms a characterization of the unrepresentable real, that comes back and haunts society. This work is very much about the impossibility/possibility of the containment of the binary in the same body. The work performs this state by playing with resurrection. Animating again the inanimate. The work also borrows visual aesthetics from everyday life in Japan; where dried fish is a daily commodity and other forms of binary forms are popular such as sumo fighting.