Publiching House 2: "Re-Write History"
Noor Abu Arafeh in collaboration with Malene Nors Tardrup 
Collage, 200 x 300 cm (2016)

Memory is said to be subjective. How do we reconstruct memory? Is the memory a fusion of the past and the present - perhaps mixed with a wish for the future?
With this project, Publishing House: Rewrite History, we attempt to connect the elements of visual imaginary images of a place, dismantling it and reconnecting it into a physical visual image. In their imagination, immigrants usually have a representation of an image of their homeland or an image of a forbidden space.
After the three-day workshop, Malene and Noor thought of the possibility of making the outcome collective and personal at the same time. They mixed all the collages together into one giant collage and printed it on magnets and cut into pieces. In this way the spectators, whether they were part of the process or not, can choose to re-organize or take away their favorite piece until the image has disappeared.