Novel Tour - Anonymous Death

      A Novel Tour - Anonymous Death 
    French Spanish Borders 
    Cerber - Portbou 

This work was done on the border way between Cerbere (french part) to Port-Bou (Spanish part) crossing the way from France to Spain following the footsteps of the Jewish thinker Walter Benjamin, visiting the places he spent his last hours in. 
The masteries death of Walter Benjamin created many different narratives, rumors and stories regarding his death, whether he committed suicide or someone forced him to kill himself.
The tour created a new narrative that can be convince as the other one, the prove of my narrative was be visiting the places as a clue, interring into details that the clue gives.
The way I see this work is like a dream, as fragments where we go from a place to another, and there isn't a sharp distinction between real and fiction.